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learning Chinese characters, and being a good man
Views: Date of issue:2020-10-29
  Tracing the origin of Chinese characters, learning Chinese characters, knowing Chinese culture and being a good man

   In order to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture and improve the moral cultivation of Party members and cadres. The party Mass Work Department of our company organized and held the lecture activity of "recognizing Chinese characters, learning Chinese culture, doing a good job - Interpreting the cultural genes of Chinese characters" in the conference room on the second floor of modern Hassen. More than 200 leaders and middle-level cadres of the company participated in the lecture.
  On the morning of March 25, under the leadership of Mr. Peng Hao, Deputy Secretary General of Shangqiu writers' Association, executive chairman of Shanghai poetry society, editorial board member of Jingjiu evening news, director of advertising center of Shangqiu daily newspaper group and Deputy Secretary General of municipal Sinology Culture Promotion Association, he interpreted Chinese character culture and understood the morality of heaven and earth.
  From "one, two, three" to "heaven, earth and man", from the Confucian "unity of knowledge and action" to the Taoist "Tao following nature", from words to sentences, from sentences to texts, the origin of the characters is traced back to meanings. From familiar misunderstandings to unfamiliar suddenly, from shallow to deep, the imitation is like a flash of light, which makes him suddenly realize.
  Finally, Mr. Peng Hao absorbed the wisdom of ancient sages from the three classics of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and advocated "reverence for nature, perception of heaven and earth" and "good intentions, good words and good deeds".
After the lecture, everyone said that they had benefited a lot. They should start from now on to be a cultural and cultured Hassen, and make their own contribution to the culture of "Shangqiu good people".

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